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Watershed brings wisdom, curiosity, and tenacity to the task of optimizing organizational development system-wide: clarifying goals; empowering leaders; and building cohesive and informed teams. Through inclusive consultation and impactful, lively facilitated sessions, we bring tangible results to our clients. With a high commitment to results, you can count on us to respectfully challenge the status quo and create opportunities and possibilities in the areas of strategic planning and visioning, leadership development (one-on-one and group), and team and organizational development. Learn more about how Watershed works tirelessly to advance people and organizations.

Watershed Services

building your organization

Helping organizations become more thoughtful, intentional and planful is one of our deepest passions. We guide organizations through programs and processes that help them clarify who they truly are, what they really do, and how they best do it—and in today’s complicated business world, can make the critical difference between success and stumbles. Learn more about how we can help build your organization.

building your leaders

Developing leaders is a timeless endeavor. Through formal workshop participation, facilitated dialogue, strategic planning, or one-on-one coaching we offer clients what is required for them to deepen leadership at all levels of their organization, today and into the future. Learn how we can work to develop leaders at every level of your organization.

building your teams

The African proverb sums it up, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We partner with teams to build their understanding, skill and courage that lasts long after our time together has passed. Together we explore how trust, commitment, and communications can bring out the best of every team member and propel teams to success. Learn how we can help build stronger teams in your organization.

Watershed Leaders

<a href="/about/our-team/#powter">Geoff Powter</a>

Geoff Powter

Co-founder, Watershed Organizational Development Group Inc.

Growing up Geoff had two driving interests: how people think and why people—including himself—take risks. How those two spheres of interest have positively shaped his career is both fascinating and inspirational. Learn more about Geoff Powter.

<a href="/about/our-team/#irvine">kathi irvine</a>

kathi irvine

Co-founder, Watershed Organizational Development Group Inc.

Driven by a forceful commitment to helping others succeed, Kathi is an exceptional strategic and organizational development professional. She has worked with dozens of local, national, and international organizations over many decades. Learn more about Kathi Irvine.

Watershed Clients

What our clients say

We put a lot of work into defining our goals and objectives before we engaged Kathi Irvine and Geoff Powter to help facilitate the development of our strategic plan; this was beneficial because it kept everyone focused, defined our roles, and kept us on a tight timeline. We found having Kathi and Geoff guide us through the process hugely beneficial, they work extremely well together, their working styles complement one another, and they provide good straightforward advice, seek clarification when required, and are always clear and positive. We found value in having both Kathi and Geoff working with us, because it offered us a broader perspective and ultimately a better outcome. They are good listeners with the ability to provoke stimulating thoughtful conversations, and keep projects on track and on time. It has been a pleasure to work with them both.

Tom AdairExecutive Director British Columbia Council of Film Workers

Kathi and Geoff expertly supported us through our strategic planning processes. And when we faced some challenging membership and governance related issues that required careful and thoughtful attention, we did not hesitate to turn to them for support. They are excellent facilitators who fearlessly, yet respectfully, do their homework, ask the difficult questions, make sure everyone is heard, and skillfully guide everyone forward. Together they form a powerful and dynamic team with boundless energy and knowledge, interspersed with an element of play. As they led us through the work at hand, we learned a great deal from them, and we are delighted with the results. I am always impressed with their skills and thoroughly enjoy working with them at every opportunity.

Susan Butler-Gray Recording Secretary, IATSE Local 891

Kathi was of great support to us developing our strategic plan during a very stressful time of transition that involved a shifting environment, government funding changes, and program development modifications. She worked closely with our board, and as well she facilitated a number of large and small teams of stakeholder (staff and contract holders) in person and remotely. Kathi came well prepared having done her research due diligence; she became quickly immersed in the project and aware of the issues and challenges. Kathi was instrumental in guiding the entire process; she is innovative, knowledgeable, and an excellent facilitator. Kathi was well liked and respected by all and a pleasure to work with, but most importantly she produced the results we had hoped for.

Lynn MoranExecutive Director, The Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of BC (AMSSA)

Geoff did a superb job leading my team of eight through two training sessions last year in Banff. Both the teamwork and strategic planning workshops were successful and produced subsequent business results for our company.

Doug LeightonVP Sustainability, Brookfield Residential Services

As Chair of the Board, Kathi is integral to the success of our organization. She has a deep knowledge of board governance and leadership, is an outstanding strategic planner, understands reporting protocols, and is an active committee supporter. Kathi has boundless energy and passion and is always ready to tackle a project head-on when it means progress and advancement. People really enjoy working with her because of her approach. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her level of knowledge and experience vast. I really appreciate some of the improvements Kathi has initiated; she clearly understands the boundaries of board and operational business, yet she is always there to offer support. We have developed an excellent partnership, and in the seven years we have been working together Kathi has certainly gained my respect.

Valerie Lambert Executive Director, Big Brothers Greater Vancouver

I have worked with Geoff many times on leadership development and strategic planning.  I have really enjoyed Geoff’s style – supportive, informed, thoughtful but strong with a high touch of encouragement.  He is a great facilitator and capably manages multiple ideas and conversations to deliver and engaging experience.  He is a rare gem – someone who can be present, strong, guiding his participants, but many times feeling as he is supporting from backstage.

Adam LeggeCEO, Calgary Chamber of Commerce

Kathi worked closely with us in the design and delivery of our managers training program in 2012. Kathi did an excellent job; she really connected with our managers and gained their trust and confidence quickly. We were so impressed with Kathi’s delivery; we did not hesitate to ask her to help us with our onboarding program. In 2013 when we launched our new brand, which involved introducing significant change to our teams, Kathi played a critical role designing the roll out and facilitating its acceptance. Kathi always listens attentively and is extremely perceptive and knowledgeable. We look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.

Karen Sam LeongManager, Human Resources Cowell Auto Group

I have worked with Geoff, either as a colleague, and more recently as a client, for 20 years.  In every instance I have always come away with some new insight about myself.  He has an uncanny ability to get down to the core of an issue, then facilitates the individual, team or organization to discover their own unique comprehension — leading to their own unique solution.  Geoff’s understanding of culture and his openness to feedback drive his adaptive, flexible and compassionate approach to his work.

Karen Ryan Senior Advisor, Organizational Effectiveness Enbridge

Kathi possesses a rare set of skills that allow her to bring focus to a group of disparate team members and get everyone working together to achieve their goals and objectives. When working with us to develop our strategic plan, she brought with her a structured, in-depth approach, which she executed flawlessly, including gathering external input and working closely with our internal group. We came out of it with everything we had hoped for and more: a solid set of priorities, actions, timelines and ownership. I have often recommend Kathi and have no hesitation in doing so. She has the ability to eliminate distractions, stay focused, and get the job done well.

Paul Klassen Business Representative, IATSE Local 891

Geoff brings an incredible combination of education, work and life experience, and insight to his work. The diversity of perspectives that he brings allows a group to open up, are truly a gift. A true professional.

Dan BuchnerVP Leadership Development, The Banff Centre

It is a real privilege to work with Kathi; she’s an incredibly multi-talented presenter, corporate trainer and facilitator. I always enjoy my time working with her here at The Banff Centre designing and delivering leadership development programs. I really appreciate her deep knowledge and expertise in project management, strategic planning and business acumen, delivered always in unique, engaging and creative ways.

Colin Funk, FacultyLeadership Development, The Banff Centre

Kathi is an impressive organizational development expert; she worked closely with us over a two years period to customize and deliver our management skills program. During this time, she took the time to learn about her audience, and what affects them, to ensure the best outcomes. What everyone really appreciated about her style was her constant evaluation of the program; she asked for feedback from participants and adjusted her delivery accordingly, or explained her methodology, which put everyone at ease. She is always professional, flexible and has the ability to build rapport and credibility with her audience. We really enjoyed working with her.

Sharon Rupal Director, HR Open Road Auto Group

Kathi is someone you can always count on; she is a subject matter expert with a depth of experience in both the business and not-for-profit world that we really appreciate. She is respectfully direct and solution oriented in a way that holds everyone accountable and moves people to action. She’s a true leader with a practical approach. As an essential and authentic member of our design and facilitation team, Kathi consistently scores high on her class evaluation scores, and I’m happy to recommend her.

Lisa Jackson Director, Operations, Leadership Development The Banff Centre

When Vantage Point recruits volunteer knowledge philanthropists, we are very thorough and seek only individuals with the right skills and expertise, who are capable facilitators, and solid in terms of culture and fit. As one of our strongest knowledge philanthropists, Kathi works on our more complex strategic planning projects. Kathi’s style is highly impactful; she has the ability to keep the energy high and engages the room quickly. She’s skilled at driving points home, while striking a balance between serious, friendly, and fun. We love her confidence and competency. It’s a pleasure to have Kathi on our team, and we highly recommend her.

Annastasia Forst Director, Learning The Vantage Point

Kathi brings a broad range of skills and business knowledge to the table. Over a period of approximately ten years she supported us with: team leadership development, one-on-one leadership coaching, and workshop development and delivery. Kathi is a big picture thinker who is solution oriented. She engages in dialogue and holds leaders accountable to build a stronger and forward-thinking organization. Kathi is personable, yet to the point and brings an upbeat, energetic passion to everything she does. Her approach and results have had a lasting impact.

Joanna Whalley AVP HR, Westminster Savings Credit Union

As the owner of a rapidly growing and successful business, I recognized that to remain successful I would need some help. Kathi is the perfect fit. She worked with me to develop our ‘business manual’; it covers everything from vision to customer experience to staff expectations. She listened to me and really got to know my business, so that now she is almost part of it. She always has fresh ideas, and she’s clear headed and very sharp. When the manual was complete, she facilitated several successful staff training sessions. I really appreciate Kathi’s support, perceptiveness and business knowledge.

Sharon Towler Owner, Twist Fashions

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