About Watershed Organizational Development

We’re an organizational development consulting firm that specializes in optimizing organizations

Watershed is an organizational development consulting firm that brings decades of wisdom, curiosity, and tenacity to the task of optimizing organizational development system wide: clarifying goals; empowering leaders; and building cohesive and informed teams. Our combined expertise delivers tangible results through a tried and tested custom process that incorporates inclusive consultation and impactful, lively facilitated sessions.

We create opportunities and possibilities

With a high commitment to follow through, we respectfully challenging the status quo and create opportunities and possibilities in the areas of strategic planning and visioning, leadership development (one-on-one and group), and team and management development. We firmly believe in the potential of every human being to continuously learn, grow and succeed together.

Tangible results for everyone

From large multi-national well-known organizations to small not-for-profits, we have an unsurpassed track record of engaging and enhancing people performance that is tied directly to tangible results for the organization.

You can trust us to support your teams to grow and succeed

To every client we bring knowledge, experience, insight and respectful curiosity. We can be trusted to carefully assess every situation, build custom, innovative plans with you, execute with enthusiasm and professionalism, and follow through to ensure results are sustainable. We work tirelessly to advance people and organizations.

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