Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact Watershed?

You can contact Kathi or Geoff directly by email or phone.

Kathi Irvine Geoff Powter
T 604.762.0472
E kathi@watershedinc.ca
T 403.679.8487
E geoff@watershedinc.ca

Will you come to us?

Absolutely. We do quite a bit of our work in-house, particularly in longer engagements, though we will want to have discussions about the need for the proper space for running our programs. We have found that the right room makes a world of difference.

We have also found that getting away from the office can make a great difference in the perceptions, and successes, of a program, and we’d be happy to talk to you about some of our partner locations, The Banff Centre in particular.

How are Watershed programs priced?

We believe that good work costs money, in saying that we are committed to providing a value add price to all of our contracts. We will be up front about what the project price does and does not include and there will be no last minute add-ins.

Our contract prices include full project management expertise, unlimited access to the Watershed team throughout the life of the project and ongoing follow up as required.

What commitments do you make to your clients?

We work hard to co–create programs, engagements, and events that meet the needs of our clients. We commit to ensuring the outcomes established at the onset of the project are met, or as often happens, adjusted in order to meet the changing environment of client system. In every case our commitment is to partner fully with our clients.

What kind of timelines for contracting, assessment and delivery can I expect?

This is a bit hard to answer because every client’s needs are different and because we sculpt every program to meet those needs. We may recommend something as short as a couple hour meeting, something as extensive as a multi-month strategic planning project, or even a multi-year leadership development engagement. We are committed to helping you understand what you need.

What you can count on is that we will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your email or phone call. Once the decision to take our conversation further is made, our preference is always to meet face to face as a way to initiate our relationship.

Are there any kinds of work that you don’t do?

We are not, typically, in the business of training. We don’t, for example, have canned “Workplace Ethics” or “Management Skills” programs, but we’re more than happy to take some of the good content from programs like those, and adapt them so that they fit our commitment to have dialogue in your team —rather than theory from us — be the core of an engagement.

Does your organization provide any assessment, workbooks, or online resources?

Yes, through our partners at Lost Creek Press. These materials — assessments, handbooks and guidebooks — are valuable additions to the work we do, and we have had a hand in creating them.

We also have a few additional assessments that we’ve created that will help you measure various attributes of team functioning, and could help us collaboratively determine steps we could take working together.

We are also certified in a wide range of standard organizational and personal assessment tools, including the MBTI, DiSC, SDI and Insights.

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