Building Your Teams

How organizations ask us to help with team development

The organizations that come to Watershed for help with team development ask us:

  • Why do we continue to struggle with each other?
  • How do get past our differences?
  • How we understand each other better?

  • How do our styles and contributions support one another?
  • How do we create a “right way” to treat one another?
  • Are we a true “team” or just a group?

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

This African proverb sums up a truth we have seen repeatedly in our work with successful teams: Going together liberates strengths that are missing to the individual, but requires trust and commitment and the ability to communicate at a level that brings the best out of all parties. We partner with teams to build their understanding, skill and courage that lasts long after our time together has passed.

Holding teams accountable for the changes they want to see

We hold teams accountable for their own successes. We help teams see that they are the key to their own performance. We have tools that help your teams measure themselves against other teams and against their own ideals, and we’ll ask them to be the architects of the changes that they want to see.

Believing better is possible

We believe better is possible. We help even the most high-performing teams reach higher, and we help troubled teams see paths out of their difficulties. We make teamwork a verb that members have to live up to in the ways they treat each other everyday, and we’ll ask your people to aspire to better.

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