Giving Back

Our commitment to making the world a better place

The team at Watershed has a long history of corporate social responsibility by supporting communities and supporting the people who serve their communities. We believe we live in fortunate abundance, and look for ways we can give our time, talents and money to those who can best use it.

How we engage corporate social responsibility

We have discovered that organizations that help communities often need support to do their best work. We have seen how the best intentions can be lost if community organizations don’t understand the principles of governance, communication and leadership, and we’ve had the privilege of working with many groups to help them realize their truest potential.

To help the organizations we admire, we have served as board members, and have offered governance and leadership development consultation at reduced rates.

Amazing opportunities to make the world a better place

It has always been our experience that these relationships with community groups offer us some of our most satisfying—and educational—experiences. We’ve had the chance to create relationships with amazing people who are dedicated to making the world a better place, and in this work have faced some of the most rewarding challenges of our careers.

Organizations we are proud to have served

Geoff PowterKathi Irvine
National Mountain Centre
President and Board Member
10 years
Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver
Past Chair and Board Member
10 years
Canadian Himalayan Foundation
Past President and Board Member
15 years
Vantage Point
Learning and Development Committee
10 years
Enviros Wilderness School
Board Member
5 years
Peace It Together
Past Board Member
4 years

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