Speaker Spotlight

Both Kathi and Geoff have years of experience, and strong reputations, as dynamic and insightful public speakers.

Kathi—focus on change and generations in the workplace

Kathi has spoken to a variety of audiences in Canada and the US. An engaging and knowledgeable speaker, Key topics include succession planning, knowledge transfer, organizational and personal change, and the ever-evolving topic of generations in the workplace.

  • Preparing your Next Wave of Leaders

Ensuring your up and coming leaders are ready for the challenge of decision making, strategic thinking and holding others accountable should be a full time focus for today’s leaders. This presentation offers ideas on how to weave a successful succession plan into day-to-day operations.

  • Making Sure the Right Knowledge Stays in the Room

Those employees that have their eye on their retirement line, have a lot of knowledge they have accumulated over their years of service. Some of it is ready to leave but more often than not, the knowledge they hold will make the difference in an easy transition for new employees taking their place. Find out ways to have knowledge transfer an ongoing part of everyone’s job.

  • Leading Yourself Through Change

It has been said many times and continues to be true; you have to know how to lead yourself through change before you can be effective in leading others. This interactive presentation has numerous tips and tools to assist participants in assessing what is going on in their world and how to best manage the chaos the changes create.

  • Engaging with Ongoing Change in your Organization

Change is constant, we know that and with that consistency comes a myriad of emotions; excitement, dread, exhaustion, enthusiasm…the list goes on. And through all those emotions, clients still deserve to be served, quality products and services delivered and coworkers treated with respect. This presentation provides ideas and actions that are easily put into practice right away.

  • Engaging the Generations at Work

We are long past talking about the multiple generations at work we are now fully living it. Companies have a perfect opportunity to learn from the diversity each of the generational cohorts brings to work. Just as with all forms of diversity, no one description fits all but there are some unique characteristics worth exploring and learning from.

  • Effective Board Governance Practices

As a board member, board chair and consulting to not for profit boards; Kathi has a lot of hands on experience to share about effective board governance. Learn about effective practices on looking after the organization the board governs to looking after the board itself. The health of both entities is a surefire way to ensure the success of your not-for-profit mission.

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Geoff—an expert on the psychology of risk-taking, adventure story telling, and the neurobiology of behaviour

strange-dangerous-dreamsGeoff is an expert on the psychology of risk-taking, adventure story telling, and the neurobiology of behavior.

  •  Risk-taking

With a very strong profile as a speaker about risk-taking, Geoff has has given numerous conference keynotes on the subjects, and has been brought into companies to help them look at the risk tolerance of leaders and their teams. His book on the psychology of risk-taking, Strange and Dangerous Dreams, won several accolades and became a broadcast series on both CBC Radio and National Public Radio.

  • Adventures

Geoff’s adventures and adventure writing have also brought him into the public sphere many times, and he has made many TV and radio appearances telling his stories.

  • Neurobiology

Geoff is also passionate about the neurobiology of behaviour, and speaks on this topic as well.

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