Building Your Leaders

How senior leaders ask us to help with current and future leadership development

Watershed gets brought into organizations and teams to help with leadership development at all levels of the organization:

  • How can we help our leaders determine what kind, or style, of leaders they truly are?
  • How can our leaders become better communicators?
  • How can we help our leaders navigate the difference between authority and influence?

  • How can we help our leaders coach their people?
  • How can we help our leaders engage all the generations at work?
  • How do we help our leaders understand and embrace change?
  • How do we help our leaders take the chances they need to take to excel?

We use workshops, facilitated dialogue, strategic planning, and coaching for leadership development

Leadership Development is a timeless endeavour. Through formal workshop participation, facilitated dialogue, strategic planning, or one-on-one coaching we offer clients what is required for them to deepen leadership at all levels of their organization, today and into the future.

Using challenge to effect positive changes

We believe in the honour of challenge. We will push your leaders to imagine themselves as the best version of themselves, and we’ll push them to achieve that vision. We’ll have difficult conversations with your leaders, we’ll have them hear the feedback that they need to hear to succeed, and we’ll help them believe they can be even better leaders than they imagine.

Leading with intention

We help your leaders have the time to lead. We believe that the most effective leaders learn how to liberate the people around them to do the best that they can. We’ll help your leaders become more intentional about where and how they spend their time—what they take on, what and how to delegate, who to bring into their networks—all so that they free up the time to truly lead.

Building leaders from the factory floor to the C-suite

We know there are leaders at all levels of an organization—from the C-suite to the factory floor— and we work with them all helping them understand how they can lead everyday they’re on site. Years of experience have helped us understand the language and cultures of all levels of organizations, and we’re comfortable meeting your people wherever they are.

Learn more about how Watershed can build leaders throughout your organizations.