Watershed focuses on the task of optimizing organizational development. We help organizations by: clarifying goals; empowering leaders; and building cohesive and informed teams. Our combined expertise delivers tangible results through a tried and tested custom process.

Our services incorporate the following focuses:

Building your organization

Helping organizations become more thoughtful, intentional and planful is one of our deepest passions. We guide organizations through programs and processes that help them clarify who they truly are, what they really do, and how they best do it—and in today’s complicated business world, that kind of intentionality can make the critical difference between success and stumbles. Learn more about how we can help build your organization.

Building your leaders

Developing leaders is a timeless endeavour. Through formal workshop participation, facilitated dialogue, strategic planning, or one-on-one coaching we offer clients what is required for them to deepen leadership at all levels of their organization, today and into the future. Learn how we can work to develop leaders at every level of your organization.

Building your teams

The African proverb sums it up, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We partner with teams to build their understanding, skill and courage that lasts long after our time together has passed. Together we explore how trust, commitment, and communications can bring out the best of every team member and propel teams to success. Learn how we can help build stronger teams in your organization.

Not-for-profit governance

Effective and responsible governance is a crucial and serious issue for NFP boards. We provide expert and experienced support to boards of not-for-profit organizations whose members are interested in ensuring they are on top of governance issues and are serving the organization to the best of their abilities to grow and thrive. Learn more about how we can partner with your board to ensure your success.

Learn more about how Watershed can support the development of your organization.