Building Your Organization

Questions we can solve

The organizations that Watershed works with come to us with a broad range of strategic organizational development questions:

  • Why aren’t we succeeding the way we know we can?
  • How do we understand our truest purpose?
  • How do we get clear on what we do best?
  • How do we dream bigger?
  • How do we make plans that just don’t sit on a shelf?

  • How do we get our people to buy into our plans?
  • How do we deal with all the changes around us?
  • How do we get our people on board with the changes around them?
  • How do we streamline to meet the lean times around us?
  • How do we learn to believe and embrace the abundant possibilities ahead of us?

Three strategic organizational development steps to becoming a more thoughtful, intentional, and planful organization

Helping organizations become more thoughtful, intentional and planful is one of our deepest passions. We have had the privilege of guiding hundreds of organizations through programs and processes that help them clarify who they truly are, what they really do, and how they best do it—and in today’s complicated business world, that kind of intentionality can make the critical difference between success and stumbles.

        1. We are firm believers in the value of organizations understanding the systems that they live in, so much of our organizational development begins with a broad view of our clients’ business. We talk to your leaders, your people, your stakeholders, even your competitors, and we help you understand your place in the world in the richest possible way, so that your plans are as honest and as grounded as possible.
        1. We help you turn possibilities into concrete plans. We have a resolute commitment to ensuring that the planning work we do with you makes a real difference for you and your people. We focus on deep needs, accountabilities and follow-up, and we’ll help you track progress from start to finish.
        1. We’re experts in the world of change. We’ve spent decades working with, writing about, and thinking about organizations facing the challenge of change, and see it as the most exciting and engaging facet of the work we do. We can help you and your people understand how change affects us all, how your company can plan and cope, and how you can better inoculate against the changes that will continue to come. We have unique models and processes that will help your organization lead change better than your competitors.

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